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Vision and Mandate


Our vision is to have more well-educated and self-reliant Nunavummiut. We aim for our high school graduation rates to be on par with the rest of Canada and for the majority of Nunavut youth to graduate from high school, college or university, and with the same level of skills, knowledge and abilities as graduates from anywhere in Canada.

We foresee more Nunavummiut employed as skilled professionals and tradespersons working in the public sector, the mining and fishing industry and the smaller business sectors such as the arts and tourism here in Nunavut.

We want to have more bilingual Inuktut speaking teachers who will help increase bilingualism in our students. Bilingual education contributes to the preservation, use and promotion of Inuktut and helps to ensure that Nunavummiut can be served in all our official languages.



We have been mandated by the Honourable David Joanasie Minister of Education to create a healthy, strong, and flourishing Nunavut. Education is the key to that success.  We are committed to taking actions that will lead to real and visible progress for Nunavummiut by providing quality education and training opportunities. Our goal is the development of self-reliance and we are working to provide a vibrant learning environment that encourages academic success, guided by Inuit cultures and values.  

Latest News

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The Government of Nunavut Department of Education will be holding the third territorial...
09 November 2018 
The Honourable David Joanasie, Minister of Education, released the following statement:
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The Government of Nunavut Department of Education is holding the first territorial Student Support...
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18 September 2018 
Today marks the tenth anniversary of the Education Act and the Inuit Language Protection Act.
04 September 2018 
The Department of Education announced today it will hold Nunavut-wide public consultations on...

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