Department of Community and Government Services

Honourable David Joanasie

Honourable David Joanasie

Minister of Community and Government Services

David Joanasie was re-elected by acclamation to represent the constituency of South Baffin in the 6th Legislative Assembly of Nunavut.

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Government Services

Community and Government Services (CGS) works in partnership with community governments to assist in building their capacity so that they can meet the needs of residents. CGS provides programs and funding that support core municipal operations, infrastructure development and land development. Support is provided to ensure training is available for councils and municipal employees.

CGS also provides a range of central services to government departments and agencies to support the efficient and effective operation of their programs and services. Services that CGS provides include: procurement, sealift logistics and contracts services; property and asset management and maintenance; technical and project management of infrastructure projects, and; information technology and records management services.

CGS is also responsible for services directly related to the public. This includes: fire safety promotion, inspection and training; electrical and mechanical inspections of buildings; emergency management services including search and rescue coordination and training; consumer affairs; acquisition and distribution of petroleum products for communities, and; the development of sport and recreation in Nunavut. These services require direct contact with community governments, the business community and the public.

Core Business

Advisory and Administrative Services

The Advisory and Administrative Services branch provides support to the Minister’s office; Policy & Communications; Human Resource Management; & Finance.


The Infrastructure Branch includes three Regional Infrastructure Offices, which are responsible for delivery of capital projects in the communities.

Petroleum Products Division

The Petroleum Products Division (PPD) is responsible for the purchase, import, storage, and delivery of petroleum products in Nunavut.

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