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The Department of Economic Development and Transportation provides funding for a variety of projects to individuals, businesses, organizations and communities under the following programs:

Aviation Scholarships

The Department of Economic Development and Transportation has scholarships to award to people pursuing an aviation-related career. The studies can be related to airline or airport operations or management, aircraft maintenance, and pilot training. You can get up to $5,000 to help pay for your aviation education!

Community Capacity Building Program

This program increases the capacity of hamlets to promote economic development

Community Engagement Support Program

The program will provide financial support during a project’s development, prior to the formal regulatory process for mine construction and operation. Those projects that can demonstrate a meaningful commitment to engage Nunavummiut in a manner that is consistent with community priorities are the ideal applicants. Eligibility for contributions is limited to community organizations and exploration companies. 

Community Tourism and Cultural Industries Program 

This program strengthens community infrastructure and readiness for tourism, and enhances economic development in sectors such as music, digital media, writing and performing arts.

Community Transportation Initiatives Program

This program helps link communities to adjacent resources and areas of community importance. It can fund all-weather or seasonal roads or trails and marine facilities. Only municipalities are eligible to apply.

Country Food Distribution

The funds available through the Country Food Distribution Program will support projects that help Nunavummiut meet their basic food needs by improving their access to affordable, healthy country food.

Independent Science Programs for Youth (I-SPY) Fund

The Independent Science Programs for Youth (I-SPY) Fund provides grants to develop and carry out science-based extra-curricular programming for Nunavut youth.

Nunavut Mine Training Fund

The purpose of the Government of Nunavut's Mine Training Fund is to maximize the employment opportunities for Nunavummiut from mining and related activities. The Mine Training Fund will provide accountable contributions to develop, co-ordinate and execute mine training for Nunavummiut.

Nunavut Prospectors Program

Qualified prospectors may apply for a contribution of up to $8,000 per year to cover basic expenses while exploring for new mineral occurrences in Nunavut. This financial support applies to project-related expenses such as fuel, vehicle maintenance, food allowance while in the field, assistant wages, prospecting supplies, and mineral assay costs.

Small Business Support

This program is primarily focused on providing up-and-coming small businesses, community organizations and individuals with support to grow.

Strategic Investments

This program offers assistance to businesses, community governments, not-for-profit corporations and societies. Under the program, businesses can get a contribution to cover expansion or start-up costs. Community governments, not-for-profit corporations and societies can get funding for training, marketing and community development.


The department provides economic development and transportation services directly or through third party partnerships.

Arts and Crafts

The Department of Economic Development & Transportation funds the Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association (NACA). NACA uses this funding to promote the growth and appreciation of Nunavut artists and the production of their arts and crafts.


The Department of Economic Development & Transportation provides funding to the Nunavut Broadband Development Corporation. The corporation ensures people have reliable, affordable access to broadband services in every Nunavut community.

Business Development

The department provides funding to businesses through its small business support and strategic investments program.  It also has a guide to starting a business in Nunavut. The department funds the Nunavut Business Credit Corporation. The corporation provides funding to larger businesses that are unable to access sufficient debt capital from commercial sources.

Community Development

The department supports the development of community economies through funding assistance to municipalities and non-governmental organizations.

Under the Strategic Investments Program, the Nunavut Economic Foundations Fund targets community organizations that work to improve the ability of Nunavummiut to participate in Nunavut's economy. The Entrepreneur Development Fund provides financial assistance to community organizations to deliver entrepreneurship and business aftercare services.

All Nunavut communities can receive financial assistance from the department to employ a Community Economic Development Officer, to maintain a community economic development plan, and to implement projects identified in the plan. This support is provided through the Community Capacity Building schedule of the Policy Program Partnerships.

Film, Television and New Media

The Department of Economic Development & Transportation funds the Nunavut Film Development Corporation. The corporation promotes the territory as a destination for film production that provides opportunities for Nunavummiut to work in film, television and new media. It provides funding for the production of film in the Inuit language.

Nunavut Identification Cards

The department provides identification cards to Nunavummiut.

Nunavut Driver’s Licence

The department provides driver’s licences to Nunavummiut who pass their driving course.


The Department of Economic Development & Transportation promotes the territory as a destination to visit. It funds Nunavut Tourism. Nunavut Tourism supports and promotes its members.

Math and Science Awards

The goal of the department’s Math and Science Awards is to encourage and motivate students to pursue interests and careers in math, science and technology. Students in grades 8, 10 or 12 who have a good level of understanding in math and/or science could be awarded up to $350.