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Increase in Fuel Prices

31 March 2023

Public Service Announcement
Increase in Fuel Prices

Effective April 1, 2023, retail fuel prices will increase throughout Nunavut. The Government of Canada has announced that they will be eliminating the Government of Nunavut carbon tax rebate for fuel, which will result in an additional increase of the retail price for each fuel type.

The increases taking effect will include the following:

Federal Carbon Tax Rates per Litre      
Fuel Type Current Increase Effective April 1, 2023
Gasoline $0.1105 $0.0326 $0.1431
Diesel $0.1341 $0.0397 $0.1738
Naphtha $0.1341 $0.0397 $0.1738

An updated fuel price list is attached. Nunavut remains one of the lowest cost jurisdictions in Canada with respect to fuel products.


Media Contact:

Hala Duale
Communications Specialist
Department of Community and Government Services