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Laboratory Technologist —Casual

Naunaitkutap Nampaa: 
Casuals 10-HEA
Qanurittumik Havaaqaqtuq: 
Havaktiit Ikayuktiuvinggat: 
Una havaaghaq ilauyuq talvani Nunavutmi Havaktiit Ikayurtingitni
Ukiuqtaqtumiutat Akiliuhianggannut Ikayuutit: 
Havaktimut iglukhaituq
Closing Date: 
angmaumayuq inunikhirlugu


Founded in 1999, Nunavut is the newest territory and a place where tradition meets progress.This position offers a unique opportunity to take on broad laboratory responsibilities within Qikiqtani General Hospital and affiliated health centers in Nunavut. This position will appeal to those health care providers who are eager to develop expertise in their skill, while enjoying Nunavut’s winter landscapes and Inuit arts and culture.

This is a Highly Sensitive Position and a satisfactory Criminal Record Check, along with a clear Vulnerable Sector Check is required.

Under the direction of the Laboratory Manager, the Laboratory Technologist analyses samples and conducts patient tests using both complex instrumentation and manual techniques. The incumbent works delivering Chemistry, Hematology, Transfusion Medicine, Microbiology, Mycobacteriology and Specimen Receiving and processing services. In addition to providing laboratory services to the hospital, the Laboratory provides services to Iqaluit Health agencies and Health Centres located across Nunavut.

Advanced knowledge of Laboratory Technologist systems, principles, practices and standards including areas of venipuncture, medical terminology, and laboratory ability in biochemistry, hematology, microbiology, mycobacteriology, and transfusion medicine is required.  Some responsibilities include preparing samples for analysis, set up microbiology and mycobacteriology samples, perform gram stains and fluorescence stains, runs blood gas and venous gas tests, performs glucose tolerance tests, performs analysis of tuberculosis samples, fluid cell count and analysis, conducts urinalysis and cerebrum-spine fluid examinations and conducts quality control tests on equipment.

Candidates must have completed a recognized degree in Medical Laboratory Technology and must be certified with the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science with a General Certification in all areas (RT). Applicants are required to submit their certificate along with their resume application.

All health care providers must be able to acquire within a reasonable time frame and remain current with the following training and certifications: WHMIS, All CODES response, Dangerous Goods Transportation, CPR-First Aid and hand washing In-Service.

Working experience in all areas of a laboratory will be considered an asset. Fluency in more than one of Nunavut’s official language is also an asset.

Knowledge of Inuit language, communities, culture, land and Inuit Qaujimajatugangit is an asset.

An eligibility list may be created to fill future vacancies.


  • Nunavut Kavamatkut havagumayut pipkainikkut taungnatqiyaqaqtumik havaktinik taimaatut nakuutqiyamik qauyimayaangani kivgaqlugillu ihariaginiit Nunavunmiut. Hivulliuluaqtittiniaqtait Nunavut Nunatarnikkut Angirutimi Ikayurutiqaqtun.
  • Uuktuqtut naunaittiaqtaghaa pittaarutimiknik piyaamiknik hivulliuluaqtitinikkut ihumaginirmi ataani Nunavut Hivulliulluaqtughat Havaaghaqtittinikkut Maligaghami.
  • Havakniit ilanginni havaani pitquhimayut nakuuyumik ihuinaarhimanikkut ihivriuqnirmik. Pihimaniq ihiunaaqpakhimanikkut ihivriurutimik taimaaqtitaulimaittungnarhiyuq uuktuqtunik ihumagiyaunirnin.
  • Havaakkut tukihitjutait piyauttaaqtut kayumikkukkut, qaritauyakkut uvaniluunniit qaritauyakkuurutaanin.
  • Taapkuanginniat uuktuqtut piyauhimayut havaktighaqhiuqnirmut uqaqatigiyauniaqtut.