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Family Literacy Day

20 January 2016 

Public Service Announcement

Family Literacy Day

Start Date: January 20, 2016

End Date: January 27, 2016

60 sec.

Family Literacy Day is held annually on January 27 to raise awareness about the importance of reading and engaging in literacy-related activities as a family.

Daily activities can help your children develop and dramatically improve their literacy and learning skills. It’s easy to make learning fun! On January 27, make time for a learning activity in your home to help prepare our children for success in school, and encourage a lifelong love of reading and learning. Here are some activities you can try at home:

 When packing for a land trip, have your child write out the items you plan to take.

 Share your language and culture through storytelling.

 Choose something you want to count with your children outside of the house; it can be dogs, snowmobiles, ravens – anything you want! Count how many you see!

 Use empty dish soap bottles filled with water and food colouring to write messages and draw in the snow.

 Take time to read or do a learning activity with children every day.

Taking a little time each day to practice literacy skills can turn everyday activities into learning experiences! For more literacy activities, please visit:

 Nunavut Literacy Council

 NWT Literacy Council

 ABC Life Literacy


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