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Unlicensed Lotteries – Buyer Beware

25 August 2017

Public Service Announcement

Unlicensed Lotteries – Buyer Beware

Do you ever buy lottery tickets to win prizes or support an organization in your community? If so, please make sure to only support licensed lotteries. It’s unlawful to hold an unlicensed raffle in Nunavut.

A license protects the consumer and the organization holding the lottery. If you are at an event, like a bingo, you should be able to see a lottery license being displayed. Before you buy a ticket for a raffle or prize draw, make sure there is a license number on the ticket. If you can’t see a licence number, the lottery is not licenced and should not be supported.

The Nunavut Lottery Act maintains that only religious or charitable organizations are eligible to hold raffles. Private businesses are not eligible. If you are concerned about fraud resulting from an unlicensed lottery, contact the RCMP.

Organizations interested in applying for lottery licenses can contact Consumer Affairs toll free at (866) 223-8139 or by e-mail at

For more information, visit the Consumer Affairs Section of the Community and Government Services website at


Media Contact:

Kris Mullaly
Policy Analyst/Communications Officer
Department of Community and Government Services