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Project and Time Management - Cape Dorset


In general, when we talk about a project, we mean a sequence of interdependent steps and tasks that lead to the delivery of a finished good or service. Usually there is a client, an end-user, a project sponsor and a team of people to work on the tasks, sometimes together, sometimes alone. The project has a discrete budget and an established time frame. So, project management then becomes the means to ensure quality product delivery, on time and on-budget.

Powerful Coaching Skills: How to Create a High Performing Team - Cape Dorset


This interactive workshop provides an opportunity to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of your team, and discover the key ingredients of a winning team. You’ll learn how to analyze key issues of performance and behaviour, and to coach team members using a disciplined approach that builds on shared understanding and agreement on objectives. You’ll come away with a personal action plan for making your own team stronger and more productive.