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Wildlife Operations - Wildlife Management Programs

The Wildlife Operations section covers the delivery of wildlife management responsibilites at the community level through a network of conservation officers to ensure wildlife laws and regulations are followed. This program also serves as the main link to communities on a variety of other programs relating to the use of renewable resources.

Conservation officers are stationed at wildlife offices in every Nunavut community and are responsible for:

Enforcing territorial laws concerning wildlife and the environment, including the Wildlife Act, the Territorial parks Act and the Environmental Protection Act.

Enforcing federal laws that protect fish, marine mammals, and migratory birds and regulate transport of wildlife and endangered species.

Planning and conducting regular field patrols in their enforcement areas.

Providing logistical and communications support and assisting in data collection for the Department of Environment's research activities.

Providing assistance in search and rescue operations.

Working with local HTOs to promote and educate the public on wildlife issues.

Explaining the Department of Environment's laws and legislation to Nunavummiut and promoting the Department's programs and initiatives.

Helping to run the fur pricing program, which involves fur grading and purchasing from local hunters.

Giving presentations at schools and community events on conservation issues and legislation.

Dealing with emergency wildlife issues such as rabid wildlife near communities.

Investigating defense killed wildlife.

Conducting inspections of commercial, industrial, retail and residential facilities to ensure compliance wiht the Environmental Protection Act.

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