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Our Roles

Headquartered in Iqaluit, and with active regional operations in Rankin Inlet, Cambridge Bay, and Igloolik, the Department of Finance exists as a central agency of the Government of Nunavut (GN).

Our Vision

The Department of Finance works towards a vision in which:

  • Government makes sound decisions about the use of public resources based on accurate and timely information, analysis and advice;
  • Government operations are smooth and efficient, supported by a range of professional and client-focused centralized services;
  • Government is accountable to Nunavummiut, who trust the systems and processes in place to properly manage public funds.

What we do

To support the GN’s day-to-day operations, advance the Legislative Assembly’s political mandate, and achieve our vision as a department, the Department of Finance:

  • Provides accurate and timely advice and analysis to support informed decisions about the use of public resources;
  • Delivers a range of programs and activities in support of government policy and operations; and
  • Promotes accountability by implementing a framework to control, monitor and report on the use of public funds.

As examples of the many roles we play, GN Finance:

  • supports and advises the Financial Management Board (FMB) of ministers;
  • manages the compensation and benefits of GN employees;
  • pays invoices on behalf of departments;
  • collects revenues owing to the GN;
  • prepares and reports year-end financial statements;
  • develops and maintains the GN's financial systems;
  • administers the territory's tax system;
  • audits internal programs and processes;
  • manages the GN's insurance portfolio;
  • guides the GN-wide budgeting and appropriations processes;
  • represents the GN's interests on national fiscal and financial issues;
  • manages the GN's relationships with territorial corporations and public agencies;
  • manages the public treasury;
  • undertakes economic research and analysis;
  • leads the GN's approach to liquor and cannabis policy
  • licenses and regulates the liquor and cannabis industries in Nunavut.