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Government Services

CGS provides services and support to communities and municipal governments across Nunavut as well as core services to Government of Nunavut departments. 


Informatics Planning and Services

Informatics Planning and Services division provides the whole-of-government with information technology services and records management for all GN departments and programs.


Petroleum Products Division

The Petroleum Products Division is responsible for the purchase, transportation (import), storage, and distribution of all Petroleum Products in Nunavut.


Policy and Planning

The Policy and Planning division provides information and support to the Minister’s office as well as policy and communications support to senior staff within the Department of Community and Government Services.


Project Development and Management

Project Management provides the regional delivery of the projects, manages the process, budget schedule, scope, quality and risk of project implementation. Project Management administers the contracts with architects and engineering consultants and construction contractors. It authorizes expenditures, changes and reports the physical and financial status to client departments and Nunavut communities.


Procurement, Logistics and Contract Support

The Procurement, Logistics and Contract Support division of CGS is the central contract authority for the Government of Nunavut. They provide expertise in all purchasing and logistical matters, including preparation of tenders, Request for Proposals and contracts.

This division is also maintains a website that provides general information on contracts issued by the Government of Nunavut. The website is:


Property and Asset Management

Property and Asset Management provides real property management services to ensure the cost-effective investment and efficient management of GN leased and owned offices for in GN Departments, Boards and Agencies.


Regional Offices

Regional offices deliver community support programs and services. Regional offices are a part of CGS' contribution to the Government of Nunavut commitment to decentralization.


Technical Services

The Technical Services division is responsible to provide comprehensive government asset life cycle management including: planning and assisting clients and stakeholders with identifying their long-term capital requirements, developing suitable technical standards for infrastructure, design management services for government projects, as well as maintenance and management of the government inventory of owned and leased facilities.



Department of Community and Government Services
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