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Project Development and Management

Project Management & Technical Services helps the government in the construction of building and infrastructure projects from design through to the complete delivery of a project.

Project Management

Project Management provides the regional delivery of the projects, manages the process, budget schedule, scope, quality and risk of project implementation. Project Management administers the contracts with architects and engineering consultants and construction contractors. It authorizes expenditures, changes and reports the physical and financial status to client departments and Nunavut communities.

CGS staff make sure the Government’s workspace meets the needs of the GN employees. This is done through project support and construction cost estimating.

There are 2 important aspects of Project Management; these are Project Support and Construction Cost Engineering:

Project Support takes into account:

- current and future space needs;
- facility location, size and shape; 
- parking spaces; 
- special support services or uses; 
- economic, social, environmental and social impacts ;
- levels of public use; 
- project cost estimates and sources of funding; 
- procurement method (construction or lease); 
- project schedule; 
- space for workstations, offices, support areas, special areas and circulation; 
- furniture and equipment; 
- space enclosure; and
- special facility systems requirements.

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Construction Cost Estimating includes:

- study details of the projects to find cost impacts; 
- decide if project features can be constructed; 
- analyze and compare renovations to new construction costs; 
- determine cost benefit of replacements; 
- forecast operation and maintenance costs over a facility’s lifetime; 
- determine value of negotiated contracts; and
- evaluate consultant cost estimates.

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