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I am moving to Nunavut
To register for the Nunavut Health Care Plan, you must fill out an application for Nunavut Health Care Coverage. Read more…
Economic Development and Transportation
Find out how to apply for a Nunavut driver's licence here.
Economic Development and Transportation
Application for a general identification card can be found here:
Find jobs within the Government of Nunavut and its public agencies.
Family Services
The Nunavut Child Benefit is funded by the Government of Nunavut and Administered by the Canada Revenue Agency.
The Government of Nunavut offers the Nunavut Health Care Plan under the Canada Health Act. The Nunavut Health Care Plan is managed by the Nunavut Health Insurance Programs Office and ensures residents have access to necessary medical services. Read more…
Culture and Heritage
Click here for information regarding Nunavut's Official Languages.
Community and Government Services
Sealift is a vital link for all Nunavut communities and residents to obtain their annual re-supply of goods and materials needed throughout the year. It remains the most economical way to transport bulk goods to the Arctic.
In addition to Government of Nunavut insurance programs, you may be eligible for third party insurance programs. Read more…