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Pan-Canadian climate change strategy

12 December 2016 


Pan-Canadian climate change strategy


Premier Taptuna released the following statement:

"Nunavut’s arctic environment is at the forefront of climate change. Because our weather, ecosystems, sea ice and permafrost are extremely sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, climate change has significant impacts on our traditional way of life.

As the global temperature rises, the Arctic is not only hit first, but also hit hardest.

Today, Nunavut agreed to sign onto the Pan-Canadian Framework for Clean Growth and Climate Change, with specific requests on a carbon pricing mechanism.

Nunavut has stressed that any carbon pricing structure must be applied in a fair and proportional way. It must be revenue neutral and not place any further cost burden to our communities. It absolutely cannot interfere with Nunavut’s territorial financing arrangements with Canada.

As our nation rebuilds its relations with Indigenous Peoples, we urge Canada to look carefully at Nunavut and work closely with us, as we are very much on par, economically and socio-economically with developing countries.

Currently, we have no alternatives to fossil fuels and it is extremely costly to do business in Nunavut.

We are committed to working with Canada to invest in clean technology, and facilitate adaptation and mitigation on multiple fronts. But with our economies of scale, we simply cannot do this alone.

Canada has committed to working with us to ensure Nunavut can adequately address climate change together."



Media Contact:

Yasmina Pepa
Chief, Public Affairs
Office of the Premier