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First Ministers’ Meeting concludes

04 March 2016 


First Ministers’ Meeting concludes

March 4, 2016

Vancouver, BC

Premier Peter Taptuna today concluded First Ministers’ Meeting in Vancouver with Canada’s Premiers, Indigenous leaders and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Discussion focused on clean energy and climate change, the economy and priorities to support growth.

"I am pleased to have met with my colleagues and stressed the realities of Nunavut’s unique circumstances and challenges. Nunavut experiences the effects of climate change first hand. As we move forward to support Canada’s commitments in the COP21 Paris Agreement, we support development of a national strategy that factors in the socio-economic realities of northern and remote communities where renewable energy alternatives are limited.

Nunavut is committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through more efficient energy infrastructure; this requires substantial investment from our federal partner. Nunavut remains focused on supporting mitigation and adaptation actions within the territory, and making progress toward achieving a sustainable, greener energy production.

Nunavut only contributes 0.1 per cent of Canada’s total GHG emissions, and yet we face some of the most immediate, direct impacts of climate change. Federal priorities, actions and investments in Nunavut must align with our work to adapt to and mitigate climate change. These will not only provide long-term environmental success, but achieve greater self-reliance and better position us to further our economic and workforce potential."


Media Contact:

Yasmina Pepa

Chief, Public Affairs

Office of Premier Taptuna