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21 December 2015 
The Department of Education has moved forward with its plan to have all grade 12 departmental exams constitute 30 per cent of students’ final mark in a course.
05 October 2015 
This year, Nunavut Education Week is from October 5 to 9, 2015.
15 September 2015 
The Government of Nunavut appreciates the outpouring of support the staff and students of Peter Pitseolak School have received in response to the devastating loss of their school in Cape Dorset, after the fire on September 6, 2015.
07 September 2015 
After a fire completely destroyed Peter Pitseolak High School, on September 6, 2015, Department of Education and Cape Dorset school officials are drawing up contingency plans so high school students can go back to school.
07 September 2015 
Shortly after 1:30 a.m. on September 6, 2015, the Cape Dorset Fire Department was called to the scene of a fire at the Peter Pitseolak High School. The fire burned through the night and the school was completely destroyed.
12 August 2015 
See a list of school start dates across Nunavut.
05 May 2015 
Nunavut Parks and Special Places wishes to advise users of the Ittijjagiaq Trail between Iqaluit and Kimmirut in Katannilik Territorial Park that snow conditions are deteriorating.
30 September 2014 
In honour of Nunavut Education Week, Education Minister Paul Quassa invites Iqalummiut to join him on Wednesday, October 1 at the Parish Hall in Iqaluit from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
15 September 2014 
Nunavut school principals are meeting in Iqaluit this week to review the territory’s new standardized tools and resources.
13 September 2014 
Principals Leadership Conference is from September 13-18, 2014