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Understanding jury summons: what you need to know

26 January 2023

Public Service Announcement
Understanding jury summons: what you need to know

The Department of Justice and the Nunavut Court of Justice would like to remind Nunavummiut that juries are an essential part of the justice system in Nunavut.

Have you received a jury summons?

Receiving a jury summons does not mean you have been selected to serve as a juror or that you are in trouble. Recipients are randomly selected.

If you receive a summons, you should attend court at time, date, and location as stated in the summons.

Are you disqualified or exempt from being a juror?

Some Nunavummiut may be disqualified or exempted from jury selection.

You may be disqualified if you:

  • Are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Are under the age of 18.
  • Have been convicted of a crime that resulted in imprisonment for one year or more.

You may be exempt if you work in law enforcement, the administration of justice, as a doctor, nurse, or another essential profession.

You can also request to be excused for the following reasons:

  • Ongoing health issues.
  • Travel due to medical reasons or as a medical escort.
  • If you would suffer serious hardship.
  • If you are travelling or have travel plans that conflict with the jury selection or trial dates.

If you are summoned, you can request to be excused or claim an exemption. You may be asked to provide supporting documents for your claim.

If you qualify for an exemption or disqualified you will not have to attend the jury selection process.

The Office of the Sheriff manages the jury process in Nunavut and can review your request before the selection date and time on the summons.

If you receive a jury summons and believe you are disqualified, exempt, or wish to request a deferral, please contact the Office of the Sheriff before jury selection begins.

For more information about your jury summons, contact the Office of the Sheriff at

1-866-286-0546 or email


Media Contact:

Peter Varga
Policy and Communications Analyst
Department of Justice