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Nunavut Day designated as a General Holiday Start Date:

16 June 2020

Public Service Announcement

Nunavut Day designated as a General Holiday

The Government of Nunavut (GN) is pleased to announce that Nunavut Day, July 9, has been designated as a general holiday to all Nunavummiut in territorially regulated industries. During designated general holidays, employees are eligible for a day off with pay.

Nunavut Day celebrates Nunavut as a distinct and unique territory in Canada. Every year on July 9, Nunavummiut mark and celebrate the coming into force of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act, one of the key steps in the creation of Nunavut.

In previous years, Nunavut Day was designated as a holiday under the Public Service Act, and the holiday only applied to GN employees. Beginning in 2020, the holiday will be applicable to employees in territorially regulated industries, such as those working for Nunavut-owned businesses, grocery stores, and construction.

Employees of the Government of Canada and other employees in Federally Regulated Industries such as banks and airlines are subject to the Federal Holidays Act and the Canada Labour Code regarding holidays. This change does not apply to these employees.


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Karlee Kendall
Policy and Communications Analyst
Department of Justice