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Justice and RCMP sign shared directional statement

24 October 2016

News Release

Justice and RCMP sign shared directional statement

IQALUIT, Nunavut (October 24, 2016) – On October 20, 2016, Minister of Justice Keith Peterson and "V" Division Commanding Officer Michael Jeffrey signed the shared directional statement for 2016-2018, during a Nunavut-wide detachment commander training workshop in Iqaluit.

The statement stresses the RCMP "V" Division’s commitment to providing Nunavummiut with efficient, effective and culturally-relevant policing services. It also outlines the RCMP and the Government of Nunavut’s policing goals in meeting public safety needs of Nunavummiut, as identified by Nunavummiut, the Government of Nunavut and the RCMP.

"This agreement recognizes the Government of Nunavut and "V" Division’s close collaboration and common support for communities to ensure that Nunavummiut continue to feel safe and secure," said minister of Justice Keith Peterson.

The Department of Justice and "V" Division identified three key priorities areas: communication, communities at risk and crime reduction/prevention. The renewed shared directional statement includes clarifications on expectations around policing duties, an independent review structure and community involvement in policing.

"As Commanding Officer of "V" Division, I am very pleased with the terms of this agreement. It will allow us as an organization to focus our efforts in concert with the areas identified by the Government of Nunavut," said Commanding Officer Michael Jeffrey.


Media Contact:

Alejandra Espinosa
Policy and Communications Analyst
Department of Justice

David Lawson, Sgt.
"V" Division Media Relations