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Department of Justice Q&A - November 4, 2019, 7 p.m. Update

05 November 2019

Department of Justice Q&A

How will the privacy of personal information be secured? 

• The Information and Privacy Commissioner has been contacted. 
• Justice Department will continue to include the Commissioner in the discussions in relation to this process. 


Will the ransomware affect keeping of records? 

• To ensure the government remains compliant with the Archives Act and procedures, all staff are directed to keep a record of all information sent and received during this period. 
• Once the system is returned to full functionality, this information must be transferred to the government system for appropriate records management and retention. 


Corrections Q&A 

Are the security systems within our correction facilities affected by this network outage? 

• The security systems are unaffected by the outage. 
• Many of the security systems within our correctional facilities are not maintained on the government network. 
• The safety and security of our staff and inmates is our number one priority. 


How will this affect inmates release dates, court dates, or other important events? 

• Corrections maintains records of all inmates outside of the GN network. They can use the information available to them to ensure all important dates are identified and inmates remain unaffected. 


Will this affect the ability for clients to access legal services or limit their communications with their families? 

• This outage will not affect legal access or communications for our inmates. 


Will Community Corrections Officers be able to monitor clients? 

• As of right now, we do not anticipate any interruptions in Probation Services. 
• Corrections staff will evaluate any risks that may be presented and inform clients of any changes to their appointment times or locations. 
• This will not cause any issues with the legal requirements for probation clients. 
• Community Corrections staff will work closely with the RCMP to ensure this does not present any risks to the community. 


Community Justice Q&A 

Will Community Justice Offices be open in communities? 

• Yes, our Community Justice Offices will be open and will continue to provide support to individuals in need of support. 


How does this affect services provided by the Community Justice Outreach Workers? 

• Our community justice team is identifying communities that may be affected by the network disruption. 
• Because some of our Community Justice Outreach Workers (CJOWs) are employed through hamlets or other non-government organizations they are not on the GN network. 
• We will partner affected CJOWs with those unaffected to ensure we can continue to provide support in all communities. 
• Our offices will continue to be staffed to provide front line support and information to clients. 


Victim Services Q&A 

Will Victim Services be able to provide support to victims of crime and their families during this network outage? 

• We do not anticipate any disruptions in our services, including travel bookings and support. 
• Our departmental staff are working together to ensure services provided to Nunavummiut through victim services is not disrupted. 


Public Trustee Q&A 

Will clients of the Public Trustee see any disruptions in payments? 

• No. The payment system for the Public Trustee is manual. Therefore, we do not foresee any disruptions in our client payments. 


Courts Q&A 

Will Courts continue with their regular schedule while the network is down? 

• We do not anticipate any disruptions in our court services, which includes our JP and circuit courts. 
• Our IT staff have worked with Courts to set up computers off the network to support court operations. 


What is Department of Justice doing to maintain continuity of court services? 

• Court Services has implemented contingency plans to ensure uninterrupted services to Nunavummiut. 
• The court registry continues to be open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Any criminal or civil proceeding can be filed directly with the Court Registry either in person, by facsimile at: (867) 975-6550 or by email at: 
• For any Civil Court matters: 
• For criminal Court matters: 
• Access to court records request can also be made in person, by fax or through the civil staff email address. 
• The GN is working actively to resort access to its network. Further notifications will be posted on the Nunavut of Justice Website to provide information of the present situation. 

If you have any inquiries please contact the Court at: 
• Civil registry: (867) 975-6102 
• Criminal Registry: (867) 975-6101 
• Sheriff office: (867) 975- 6103 


How does this affect the Civil Registry? 

• The Civil Registry system is unavailable. 
• Court Staff are currently evaluating the process for accepting electronic submissions involving civil and criminal matters, as the system is currently down. 
• The department will provide follow up communications once a solution has been found and we are again able to accept electronic submissions. 


Legal Registries Q&A 

How does this affect services normally provided through Legal registries? 

• At this time, the office is unable to provide services involving corporate registries, land titles or securities email registrations. 
• Clients can still visit or call the office for information and support during the network outage. 
• Our legal registries staff are working to evaluate their current service provisions.