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Senior Interpreter/Translator

Culture and Heritage
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If there is no successful Nunavut Inuit this position will be offered as term to February 25, 2022
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$ 95,882.00
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$ 22,042.00
No staff housing available
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24 May 2019

This employment opportunity is open to all applicants.

Reporting to the Operations Manager, the Senior Interpreter/Translator plays an essential role in ensuring that Interpreter/Translators and Editor/Reviewer(s) in Kugluktuk work effectively as a team and manage the competing priorities of translations for various Government of Nunavut departments and public agencies. The Senior Interpreter/Translator will supervise the translations bureau staff located in Kugluktuk and provide a crucial link between these staff and the other translation offices, the Operation Manager, Project Manager and the divisional Director. The Bureau plays a central role in the government’s efforts to communicate with and provide high quality services to members of the public in their official language of choice, as required under the Inuit Languages Protection Act and the Official Languages Act. The incumbent will al

In addition, the position provides translations from English to Inuinnaqtun, or Inuinnaqtun to English, of texts of all levels of complexity to the Government of Nunavut’s departments and public agencies when necessary. The incumbent also provides simultaneous or consecutive interpreting at official or public events as required. The scope of the material the Senior Interpreter/Translator will deal with is extremely broad, ranging from simple communications with the public to complex legal or medical documents, or even legislation. A high level of skill is required to ensure the accuracy of these documents.

Due to Inuinnaqtun lacking standardized terminology for many expressions that are common in the work of government, the Senior Interpreter/Translator is require to consult with language experts and Elders on appropriate translations. From time to time, the incumbent may be required to create new terminology where none existed previously and provide these terms to the Department’s Terminologists. The incumbent’s contribution to the on-going development of Inuinnaqtun is crucial to the government’s efforts to increase its use as a working language of the public service.

Knowledge of the Inuit Languages Protection Act and the Official Languages Act, and vocabulary, government programs and services, and terminology associated with a variety of fields in which the GN operates, as well as proficiency in the use of ICI standardized orthographies for Inuktitut or Inuinnaqtun is required. Strong research, time management in order to meet conflicting deadlines and computer skills and experience with MS Office Suite, Outlook and Internet are also required for this position.

The incumbent must be proficient in both written and spoken Inuinnaqtun, as well as English.

Typically, the above qualifications would be attained by Certification by the Nunattini Katujiqatigiit Tusaajinut or a certification from a recognized translator/interpreting training program, or education program, five (5) years’ experience in the field of interpretation or translation and experience supervising staff, preferably in a cross cultural setting.

The Official Languages of Nunavut are Inuktitut (Inuinnaqtun), English and French.

Equivalencies that consist of an acceptable combination of education, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities may be considered.

Extensive knowledge of specialized terminology in various fields, including but not limited to law, medicine, finance, information technology, environment, and science or a degree in any of these fields is a definite asset.

Knowledge of Inuit language, communities, culture, land and Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit is an asset.





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