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Nunavut Curriculum and Resources K-12

The Department of Education is mandated by the Education Act and the Inuit Language Protection Act to develop bilingual curriculum and resources that are culturally and linguistically appropriate and that represent current best practices in Canadian education.

Approved curriculum and resources are developed in Nunavut and also adopted or adapted from other Canadian jurisdictions. As well, schools and district education authorities have the opportunity to provide locally-developed courses that support the needs of the community, honouring the culture and language of students.

The Department of Education works collaboratively with Elder culture and heritage advisors, district education authorities, and school staff to ensure that the curriculum in Nunavut schools is available in Inuktut, is respectful of Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit, considers best educational and assessment practices, meets student needs, and is delivered in a standardized fashion.

Curriculum strands

Nunavut curriculum and resources are organized by 4 strands. The strands are integrated and cross curricular. They transcend subject-specific content areas, and result in the application and transfer of specific learning to new contexts and situations. This approach to learning is designed to focus on the development of complex intellectual (metacognitive) skills and lead students to understand the connection between various learnings and the strategies that lead to successful application of learning.

Core curriculum is organized by strand and subject.



Aulajaaqtut, Health, Physical Education

Aulajaaqtut focuses on wellness, safety and one's place in society. Content areas include physical, social, emotional and cultural wellness; goal setting; volunteerism; safety; and survival.


Career and Technology Studies, Math, Science

Iqqaqqaukkaringniq focuses on ways in which we describe and improve our world. Student explore concepts in mathematics, analytical and critical thinking, solution seeking, innovation, technology, and practical arts.


Entrepreneurship, Inuuuqatigiit, Social Studies, Tourism

Nunavusiutit focuses on heritage, culture, history, geography, environmental science, civics, economics, current events and world views. Students learn about Nunavut and its critical links to national, circumpolar and global issues.


Arts, English Language Arts, French as an Additional Language, Inuktitut Language Arts

Uqausiliriniq focuses on relationships in communication and language development; creative and artistic expression; and reflective and critical thinking.


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