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A note was posted on one of the walls of the room where we held
our mandate development sessions in Cambridge Bay, it provided
inspiration to all of us grappling with the big questions of how to
set the priorities for our government. It stated, “manifesting the courageous dream.”

I truly feel that this mandate is the embodiment of a courageous dream.

For the fi rst time in our territory’s history, the Government of Nunavut’s mandate was developed through a historic dialogue between all Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), the leadership of Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. and Nunavut’s three Regional Inuit Organizations. As such, this mandate is a testament to our consensus governance model and our joint commitment to work collaboratively and cooperatively towards a better territory. This approach refl ects the Inuit Societal Value of Tunnganarniq, or “fostering good spirits by being open, welcoming and inclusive.”

Working together, as a united voice, makes us a stronger Nunavut. When we leverage all our resources towards a common cause we can have the strength to achieve unprecedented results for our people. Aajiiqatigiinniq, “decision making through discussion and consensus,” is the principle that guides this approach. As Nunavut approaches devolution, the next chapter in our territory, it becomes even more important to work towards the same direction.

As MLAs when we sit in the legislative assembly we sit in a circle – the room is designed to echo the structure of our consensus governance model – a model that refl ects Inuit Societal Values. Sitting in a circle is a reminder that every voice matters – that we are all part of a single whole. This mandate is a continuation of that trajectory, it signals a commitment to a renewed relationship based on mutual respect and a pathway towards joint action to achieve real change.

The mandate development showed us that our goals are aligned, together we identifi ed fi ve key priority areas for our government:
• Aging with dignity in Nunavut;
• Expanding the housing continuum;
• Enabling health and healing;
• Reinvesting in education; and
• Diversifying our local economies.

Together, we have the power to tackle the big issues, we have the resources to achieve signifi cant change. Nunavut has always been a promise, not only as a homeland for Inuit, but as a symbol of what can be achieved despite systemic challenges.

I look forward to implementing this mandate in partnership with my cabinet, all regular MLAs and Nunavut’s Inuit organizations – I know working together for a common cause, Piliriqatigiinniq/Ikajuqtigiinniq, we can manifest the courageous dream for the territory that we hope for.


P.J. Akeeagok

Premier of Nunavut

Download Katujjiluta here.

Download Katujjiluta Report here.