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Inuit Societal Values

From its start in 1999, our government has been guided by Inuit societal values. We continue to be guided by these principles as we address our challenges and step forward together towards a brighter future:

Inuuqatigiitsiarniq: Respecting others, relationships and caring for people. 

Tunnganarniq: Fostering good spirits by being open, welcoming and inclusive. 

Pijitsirniq: Serving and providing for family and/or community. 

Aajiiqatigiinniq: Decision making through discussion and consensus. 

Pilimmaksarniq/Pijariuqsarniq: Development of skills through observation, mentoring, practice, and effort. 

Piliriqatigiinniq/Ikajuqtigiinniq: Working together for a common cause. 

Qanuqtuurniq: Being innovative and resourceful. 

Avatittinnik Kamatsiarniq: Respect and care for the land, animals and the environment.

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