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Harvesting Licence

You must have a harvesting licence to hunt small game. To hunt big game, you need a harvesting licence and species authorization tag(s).

Under the terms of the Nunavut Agreement arctic foxes, hares and ground squirrels have been classed as furbearers, and can only be hunted by individuals approved by an HTO. A Conservation Officer will issue you a licence to hunt arctic foxes, hares and ground squirrels only if you provide evidence that the local HTO has approved it. This also applies to big game species that are also classified as furbearers, such as bears, wolves and wolverines.

Species authorization tags are issued for all big game species. The tags are part of your licence and must be attached to your harvested wildlife as soon as possible, but may wait until after the pelt or hide has been fleshed. Your harvesting licence and species authorization tags must be carried with you while hunting.

Licences and tags may be purchased from any Department of Environment Wildlife Office.

A licence is not valid until signed by the person to whom it has been issued and a Conservation Officer. Licences and tags are not transferable.

Licences and tags are valid for one year starting July 1 and ending June 30 of the following year.

It is a good idea to record the number of your licence and tag(s). If you lose your licence, you may report this loss to the Conservation Officer who will, after you have signed an affidavit, issue a replacement for a fee of $10.00.



Licence/Tag Fees: for all classes of hunters, must be paid before you go hunting.

The full list of fees is available in the Nunavut Hunting Regulations guide.