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Management Skills for Administrative Professionals - Videoconference

Management is frequently described as the art of getting work done through others: 

This requires a set of skills and talents that Administrative Professionals can develop to extend their influence, meet their manager’s expectations, create a professional image, take initiative, solve problems, resolve conflict, plan current and future activities, and have a springboard for career development. If you are in the role of executive secretary or administrative assistant you’ll find this workshop to be essential to your present job and critical to your future.

This workshop is not a lecture. It is a “hands on” opportunity to identify your existing management skills, develop new skills and bring increased opportunity to your organization and to you personally.

This will be run from 9am to 12 pm for 4 days.

Aularutaata Ublua: 
Monday, Iitjirurvia 3, 2020
Inirutaata Ublua: 
Thursday, Iitjirurvia 6, 2020
Naunaittiarumaguvit, uqarvigilugu: 
Peter Autut
Atiliurniqmut umikvikhaa:: 
Monday, Januali 20, 2020
Qaritauyakkut Uqaqatigiumagukni: 

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