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Getting Organized and In Control - Iqaluit

A recent study suggested that the average office worker receives 190 pieces of information a day and wastes as much as 150 hours a year looking for ‘stuff’. Another study suggests that at least 10% of all documents are lost or misfiled.

With information overload growing and budgets tight, you can't afford the wasted time and lost productivity that comes from a cluttered desk, messy files, or no system of personal organization. At this workshop, you'll develop organizational skills, learn to how to streamline daily tasks, organize personal space, effectively use calendars, communicate using the appropriate means, and more.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • List barriers to successful organization
  • Explain strategies for reducing clutter
  • Develop an action plan for reducing clutter
  • Understand and demonstrate the use of to-do lists and the ABC prioritization technique
  • Explain the benefits and drawbacks of various calendar systems
  • Understand methods for reducing electronic and paper mail
  • Manage voicemail to reduce time spent checking messages
  • Write SMART goals and explain their benefit
  • Begin implementing goals created during the session


Time: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Aularutaata Ublua: 
Wednesday, Januali 29, 2020
Inirutaata Ublua: 
Wednesday, Januali 29, 2020
Nunavut Research Institute boardroom, building 959
Atiliurniqmut umikvikhaa:: 
Wednesday, Januali 15, 2020
Qaritauyakkut Uqaqatigiumagukni: 

Uuktuutit Titirqat

Inikhimayut uuktuutikhat qaritauyakkut piyukhauyut, tairuaguminaqtumik atiit titiraqlugu sainiutigilugulu havaktip havaktiplu atan’nguyaa. Tamaita atiliukhimayut hivulliutihimayut anggiktauhungnguyut kihimi inikhaiqqat kihiani.