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Understanding Change and Transition: How to support your team during change - Iqaluit

Through the use of a highly experiential activity, participants learn the various reactions to the three types of change as well as the impacts on team members. Discussions ensue about how to recognize the factors that resemble resistance and what to do about them. Different models and tools are presented to help team members navigate the various changes that they are constantly facing.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the difference and ramifications of the 3 types of change
  • Describe the 3 stages of change and the 3 phases of transitions
  • Recognize the various factors that can appear as resistance
  • Describe actions to take as a people leader, or teammate, during the various phases
  • Identify and plan the appropriate communications activities and messages
  • Plan and carry out an activity to identify the restraining factors to change in the team
  • List actions to do - and those to avoid - when introducing change into the team


Time: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Aularutaata Ublua: 
Tuesday, Tissaipa 17, 2019
Inirutaata Ublua: 
Wednesday, Tissaipa 18, 2019
Frobisher Inn, Baffin Room
Atiliurniqmut umikvikhaa:: 
Tuesday, Tissaipa 3, 2019
Qaritauyakkut Uqaqatigiumagukni: 

Uuktuutit Titirqat

Inikhimayut uuktuutikhat qaritauyakkut piyukhauyut, tairuaguminaqtumik atiit titiraqlugu sainiutigilugulu havaktip havaktiplu atan’nguyaa. Tamaita atiliukhimayut hivulliutihimayut anggiktauhungnguyut kihimi inikhaiqqat kihiani.