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Government of Nunavut and Nunavut Teachers’ Association sign a new collective agreement

19 January 2022

News Release

Government of Nunavut and Nunavut Teachers’ Association sign a new collective agreement

Iqaluit, Nunavut (January 19, 2022) – The Government of Nunavut (GN) and the Nunavut Teachers’ Association (NTA) signed a new collective agreement for teachers earlier today. Eighty-six per cent of NTA members voted in favour of the collective agreement.

The four-year agreement provides a total wage increase of seven per cent, starting retroactively on July 1, 2021. The agreement also includes changes to leave credits such as providing teachers with up to three days for domestic violence leave.

“I’d like to thank the Nunavut Teachers’ Association for the smooth, short, and successful negotiations,” said Minister of Human Resources, Adam Arreak Lightstone. “This agreement shows that the Government of Nunavut is committed to its teachers. Teachers not only educate, but often inspire and provide a foundation for their students. This agreement will ensure our teachers have appropriate benefits and compensation.”

The NTA represents approximately 850 full-time equivalent positions including teachers, principals, vice-principals, learning coaches and student support teachers employed by the Department of Education. The term for the new agreement is backdated to July 1, 2021 and expires June 30, 2025.

“I am happy that the Government of Nunavut and the Nunavut Teachers’ Association have come to an agreement quickly,” said Minister of Education, Pamela Hakongak Gross. “Nunavut’s teachers are the pillars of our education system, providing our children and youth with the education they need to reach their full potential. With this new agreement, Nunavut will continue to offer salaries and benefits that are competitive, ensuring we can retain and recruit the best teachers for our communities.”

During the ceremony, Nunavut Teachers’ Association President Justin Matchett shared that, “On behalf of the membership, I am very pleased to be signing this new collective agreement between the Nunavut Teachers’ Association and the Government of Nunavut. When our membership was asked to vote on this agreement, it was met with high approval numbers. We believe it is a great agreement that offers a lot to our membership. We would like to thank the Government of Nunavut for being collaborative partners at the bargaining table, in what we feel was a concerted negotiating session that was both fair and reasonable. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship with the Government of Nunavut to improve the working conditions of teachers and the learning environment of our students.”

Quick Facts:

  • Annual wage increases of two per cent in the first year, one and a half per cent in the second year, one and a half per cent in the third year and two per cent in the fourth year of the collective agreement starting July 1, 2021. The increases are applied on July 1 in each year of the collective agreement.
  • Domestic Violence Leave will be provided to employees, allowing for up to three days paid leave to attend appointments with professionals, legal proceedings, or engage in any other necessary activities to support their health, safety, and security.
  • Special Leave will now provide employees five days upon the death of an immediate family member and a half day to attend the funeral for an aunt or uncle.
  • Parental Leave will align with changes made to the federal employment insurance, enabling employees to take extended leave and receive the Parental Extended Benefit.
  • Seasonal Inuit Cultural Leave replaces Hunting, Fishing, Harvesting Leave, allowing for one day to be used as special leave and the second day as leave without pay.
  • Foster children will be defined as part of an employee’s immediate family.
  • Level 3 Inuit Language Allowances will be immediately provided to employees hired into a position that includes curricular instruction in Inuktut until they can be assessed.
  • Unqualified substitute teachers will receive a pay increase of $175 per day, up from $150 per day.


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