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Department of Human Resources Q&A November 7, 11:30 a.m. update

07 November 2019

Department of Human Resources External Q&A – Updated November 7, 11:30 a.m. 

Will the Government of Nunavut offices be open on Monday, November 11, Remembrance Day? 

  • Government of Nunavut offices will be closed on Monday, November 11, Remembrance Day.


Who can I call at Human Resources? 

  • Iqaluit Headquarter’s toll-free 1-888-668-9993
  • Qikiqtaaluk regional office toll-free 1-800-682-9033
  • Kivalliq regional office toll-free 1-800-933-3072
  • Kitikmeot regional office toll-free 1-866-667-6624
  • Human Resources main line in Iqaluit 975-6200
  • Human Resources staffing line in Iqaluit 975-6222


Is the GN still accepting applications or appeals for jobs? 

  • Yes, but due to emails not being received and processed after November 1, 2019, please submit your job application by fax or walk it in to your nearest Human Resources Office. Job appeals can be sent to the Iqaluit staffing office. Job applications and appeals can be sent by email after the system is restored. 
    • Staffing Division building and fax numbers:
      • Iqaluit – Building 935 – Saputit Place - (867) 975-6220
      • Igloolik – Tumivut Building - (867) 934-2027
      • Rankin Inlet – 16-71 Oomilik Building - (867) 645-8097
      • Cambridge Bay - Omingmak Street – (867) 983-4041
      • The application process is delayed. 
      • New casual and relief employees’ applications cannot be processed at this time.


I have reference check/screening/interviews booked for this week, will they still continue?

  • Yes, if the panel members are available.
  • Call the staffing representative who invited you for more information.


I want to appeal a competition before the deadline this week, what can I do?

  • Call the staffing representative to discuss the competition and reasons why you are appealing the decision.  If you wish to appeal, you can email the appeal form to the regional appeal email address after the system is restored then an appeal hearing will happen.


I applied to a competition the November 2 wee-kend, how can I find out if my application was received?

  • Please email the application again after the system is restored.


I submitted a casual employee application to be entered into the system on Friday, November 1, how do I know if it was entered?

  • Call and speak to the staffing representative who enters casual employee applications.


I start my term/indeterminate job this week and I don’t have my travel booked yet; what can I do?

  • Call the relocation coordinator who sent you the relocation package and your supervisor to discuss what the plan is.


I am in transit; started my new job on Monday, November 4 and expecting to reach my final destination on Tuesday, November 5.  Are my reservations in hotels and on airlines cancelled?

  • No, continue with your travel plans.  Make sure to call your relocation coordinator and supervisor to make sure everything is okay.  Your supervisor or a department representative will meet you at the airport at your final destination.


I applied for a job competition that closed in September/October, can I get an update?

  • Please send your request for an update when the system is restored.