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Hivuliqtikhanut Leadership Development Program

What is the Hivuliqtikhanut Leadership Development Program?

The Government of Nunavut (GN) introduced the Hivuliqtikhanut Leadership Development Program in 2015 to build and sustain leadership capacity in the public service. The program includes a comprehensive set of learning and career development opportunities to develop public service leaders at every level. The curriculum is based on Inuit societal values and the Government of Nunavut Leadership Competency Model.

The Hivuliqtikhanut program enables enhanced Inuit employment in the GN and includes specific learning and career development initiatives for Nunavut Inuit.

What is the format of the Hivuliqtikhanut program?

The Hivuliqtikhanut program provides training for GN employees at three distinct levels (series):

  • Emerging Leaders’ Series – 7 three-day modules
  • Supervisors’ Series – 7 three-day modules
  • Senior Managers’ Series – 6 three-day modules

What is the GN Leadership Competency Model?

The GN has developed a tailored Leadership Competency Model called “Our Way of Acting” that is grounded in Inuit societal values. “Our Way of Acting” identifies expected leadership behaviours and practices for management positions in the GN, ranging from supervisors to executives. It also includes a description of the behaviours that can reasonably be expected of all GN employees.

Who is eligible to participate in each series?

The eligibility requirements for each series are as follows:

  • Emerging Leaders: Participants include program or project managers with less than two years of experience and motivated employees with potential to become managers or supervisors within two years. Participants may have team leadership responsibilities but do not yet supervise others.
  • Supervisors: Participants include supervisors with at least two years of experience and experienced program managers preparing to become a supervisor in the immediate future. Most participants can be expected to have formal supervisory responsibilities, including hiring and performance management.
  • Senior Managers: Participants include directors, regional directors, executive directors, and new assistant deputy ministers (ADMs) and vice presidents (VPs).

Who delivers the training?

The program is delivered under contract with a qualified and experienced training company. Elders, Inuit leaders and GN subject matter experts are regularly invited as guest speakers.

When is the Hivuliqtikhanut program offered?

Different series of the program are offered each year. Each series is listed on the GN Training Calendar and advertised internally to GN employees.

For more information or to register for training opportunities, please visit the GN Training Calendar at or email