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Divisions in the Department of Human Resources



The directorate provides overall management and leadership for the department in core areas including operations, strategic planning, Inuit employment planning, policy research and development, communications, financial management, budget development and monitoring, systems support, and human resources development ensuring that the specific goals, objectives, and priorities of the department and the government are achieved. This also includes the independent ethics officer, whose role is to receive and investigate allegations of wrongdoing in the public service, and make recommendations to address wrongdoing. The directorate ensures that Inuit societal values are reflected in the full spectrum of human resource programs and services.


Wellness oversees and promotes a comprehensive Government of Nunavut employee wellness program based on Inuit Societal Values, ensuring the physical and psychological health of all employees. The division assists employees to achieve and maintain a healthy and respectful workplace enabling them to bring their diverse talents, skills, and energy as they deliver services to all Nunavummiut. This division offers:

  • the Return to Work Program,
  • expertise in respectful workplaces,
  • specialized training,
  • the Employee and Family Assistance Program, and
  • alternative dispute resolution practices when requested. 

For the Employee and Family Assistance Program please visit or call 1-800-663-1142 for personal counselling. For more information about the Wellness Division please call 975-6200 or 1-855-628-6200.


Policy, Planning and Communications

Policy, Planning and Communications co-ordinates policy and legislative development, strategic planning, business planning, and the communications function for the department. Policy, Planning and Communications also leads in the development of ministerial briefing materials, co-ordinates departmental responses to Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPP) requests, and leads the department’s Inuit societal values initiatives.


Sivumuaqatigiit is responsible for providing human resource planning and direction on initiatives aimed at increasing and maintaining Inuit employment in the Government of Nunavut. Sivumuaqatigiit provides support and assistance to departments in implementing their Inuit employment plans through consultations and offers training initiatives such as the Sivuliqtiksat Internship Program. Sivumuaqatigiit oversees the development and delivery of new training programs specifically designed for Inuit employees.

Public Service Training

Public Service Training is responsible for providing assistance and support to departments in training and developing their staff. Public Service Training is also responsible for leading and co-ordinating initiatives to support the government’s decentralized model and offering training programming across the territory.


Staffing works in collaboration with government departments to develop and implement recruitment initiatives to address workforce needs, in particular the achievement of the government’s Inuit employment priorities. Staffing develops policies and procedures to support the staffing function and manages centralized staffing services for the government, including the employee relocation program. The division includes Regional Staffing, responsible for the delivery of human resource programs and services in the communities outside Iqaluit. Services are provided from three regional offices in Igloolik, Rankin Inlet and Cambridge Bay.

Employee Relations and Job Evaluation

Employee Relations and Job Evaluation provides professional employee relation advice and services to departments and public bodies. Employee Relations and Job Evaluation is integral to the department’s contribution to government’s overall ability and capacity to attract, retain, and fairly compensate employees through the collective bargaining process. Employee Relations and Job Evaluation also administers and interprets collective agreements, manages a culturally-sensitive dispute resolution process, and provides a workplace wellness program for the benefit of all employees.

Employee Relations and Job Evaluation provides critical advice and assistance to departments and public bodies on organizational design and job evaluation for all non-teaching positions in the public service using the Hay Job Evaluation System to promote a consistent and fair classification structure for government employees. Assistance is also provided to departments and public bodies through job description writing training.