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Training Travel Fund

Training Travel Fund Guidelines

What is the training travel fund? 

The goal of the Training Travel Fund is to increase both the number of Inuit employees who take the job and career-related training and the amount of training they access. 

The Training Travel Fund has been set up to pay the travel costs of Government of Nunavut employees who are enrolled on NTI’s Inuit Enrolment List [referred to as “Inuit” in the rest of the guidelines] and must leave their home communities in order to attend a job and career-related training.



This program is based on the following Inuit Societal Values:

  • Pilimmaksarniq/Pijariuqsarniq: Development of skills through observation, mentoring, practice, and effort.
  • Piliriqatigiinniq/Ikajuqtigiinniq: Working together for a common cause.
  • Qanuqtuurniq: Being innovative and resourceful. 





Departments and Public Bodies [collectively referred to as “Department” in the rest of the guidelines] apply to Human Resource’s Sivumuaqatigiit Division, which manages the Fund.  Departments request reimbursement of travel costs they have identified for eligible Inuit employees who have to travel to take training. The application must demonstrate that the eligibility requirements have been met and provide evidence of travel expenses.

The Fund will reimburse travel expenses according to the provisions of Directive 820-1 of the Financial Administration Manual: Duty Travel.


Eligible employees:

  • Are Inuit working in any Department;
  • Have an interest in a career in the Government of Nunavut (GN);
  • Have an updated training and development plan (HRM 316 Performance Management System);
  • Have completed a Career Achievement Record (CAR)and discussed their career goals with a Career Planning Specialist (CPS) at HR
  • Have the support of their current Deputy Head to participating in training and professional development activities outside their home community; and
  • Have attended a training or career development program outside their home community.
  • Inuit employees participating in other GN career development initiatives are also eligible.




  • Encourage Inuit employees to develop career goals and pursue related training;
  • Work with Inuit employees to develop training and development plans;
  • Ensure that employees meet with a Career Planning Specialist and have a Career Achievement Record;
  • Pay for the cost of training;
  • Pay for and reimburse the employee for travel costs;
  • Will be reimbursed for travel costs associated with the training of eligible employees, based on an approved work plan and Vote 4/5 funding allocated to their department.
  • Provide documentation of employee eligibility; and
  • Provide documentation of the eligible expenses.

Eligible employees: 

  • Work with the Career Planning Specialist to identify career goals, learning objectives, and learning styles, and complete or update their Career Achievement Record;
  • Identify training that is relevant to their job and/or career goals and work with their supervisor to develop a training and development plan;
  • Apply to their supervisor to take the training; and
  • Complete the training.

Sivumuaqatigiit Division, HR:

  • Reviews work plan applications for funds from Departments
  • Allocates and compensates Departments for the cost of travel related to the training of eligible employees.
  • Reports on Fund usage to Building Capacity Committee and recommends priorities and/or program parameters.