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Whooping cough in Cape Dorset

17 August 2016 

Public Health Advisory

Whooping cough in Cape Dorset

The Department of Health advises that there is one confirmed and two probable cases of whooping cough (pertussis) in Cape Dorset.

The best way to protect yourself from whooping cough is to ensure everyone in your household is vaccinated. All residents of Cape Dorset are advised to contact their health centre to verify their vaccines are up to date.

Whooping cough is a disease of the throat and lungs that spreads from person to person. Anyone can get whooping cough, but the most severe cases are in children under the age of one.

See your health care provider if anyone in your household, especially a young child, has any of these symptoms:

  • a cough followed by an unusual sound that sounds like "whoop"
  • vomiting after coughing or not breathing after coughing

Small children may not have a "whoop" cough but may vomit after coughing.

Precautions include:

  • frequent handwashing
  • coughing into your sleeve or tissue
  • not sharing food, drinks, utensils or toothbrushes

Any cough can be made worse by cigarette smoke, so make sure no one smokes indoors.


Media Contact:

Irma Arkus
Manager of Communications and Public Relations
Department of Health