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Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week

10 February 2021

Public Service Announcement

Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week

This week, the Department of Health reminds Nunavummiut of the importance of sexual and reproductive health to our well-being. The theme for this year’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week is “Youth-friendly care: it’s your right”.

Every young person deserves to have their sexual health taken seriously. Youth-friendly care means having open, non-judgmental, trauma-informed, and sex-positive conversations about sex, sexuality, and sexual health.

It also means seeing sexual health as an integral part of our overall health. It means looking at how issues like age, gender, race, or sexual orientation can have an impact on access to health care. Every young person should feel empowered, comfortable and supported when they visit a health care provider.

Speak to a health care provider in your community about birth control, emergency contraception, and sexual health testing. You can schedule your free and confidential check-up at your local health centre.

Visit for sexual health resources provided by the Department of Health. You can also visit the CheckUpProject Facebook page for posts, information, and resources on sexual Health and testing.


Media Contact:

Danarae Sommerville
Communications Specialist
Department of Health