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Menstrual Health Day 2019

28 May 2019

Public Service Announcement

Menstrual Health Day 2019

May 28 is Menstrual Health day. Menstrual health is an important part of overall health for anyone who menstruates (or has their period). There is still a lot of stigma surrounding menstruation and around the world people miss work and school as a result of a lack of access to menstrual health products.

In Nunavut, communities are taking positive steps by providing menstrual health products in schools to students. Community Health Representatives teach about puberty and sexual health to youth across the territory. In addition, the Government of Nunavut website, contains information about sexual and reproductive health, puberty, menstruation, and menstrual health products.

You can help reduce the stigma surrounding menstruation by informing yourself about menstruation, talking openly about it, and by supporting young girls in learning how to manage their menstruation.

For more information on menstruation, puberty or sexual health, please visit


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Wende Halonen
Senior Communications Officer
Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs