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Healthy mouth, health body, healthy Community!

03 April 2018 

Public Service Announcement

Healthy mouth, health body, healthy Community!

April is Oral Health Month! It’s a great time to think about taking care of your mouth.

A healthy body requires a healthy mouth. Mouth infections such as cavities and gum disease can worsen diabetes and heart disease, and cause pneumonia among Elders. Missing teeth can limit your ability to properly chew foods and can affect your nutrition, speech, social life, growth and development, and overall health.

From April 3 to 27, visit your community oral health coordinator, community health representative or dental therapist at your community health centre to check out fun events and activities for all ages. There are prizes to be won each week.

Nunavummiut can improve their oral health today and every day, by following five simple steps:

1. Brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day, and floss daily.
2. Check your mouth regularly for any changes.
3. Make healthy food choices.
4. Visit your oral health care professional regularly.
5. Avoid use of tobacco products.

For information on oral health, please visit:


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Ron Wassink
Communications Specialist
Department of Health