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Nunavut’s Path: Guidelines

As outlined in Nunavut’s Path, Nunavut’s Chief Public Health Officer may alter or remove some of the COVID-19 public health measures. This may include lifting restrictions on certain businesses, services, programs, and/or facilities. 

Just because a facility, business, or program is allowed to resume service doesn’t necessarily mean that it can or should immediately return to how it operated before the pandemic.  Social distancing, good hand hygiene, and thorough cleaning of shared surfaces are all practices that will need to continue, for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The responsibility of ensuring that operations can resume safely lies with business owners, program directors, and facility operators. However, the Government of Nunavut and our partners, like the WSCC (Worker’s Safety and Compensation Commission), are working to ensure that these service providers have access to the information they need to resume operating in a way that minimizes the risk to public health.

If you are a service provider, or if you are curious to see what type of additional precautions and measures your local businesses and facilities will be taking, then check out the guidelines below. Additional guidelines will be added as public health measures are altered or lifted. 

Places of Worship
Yard Sales
Food Safety
Chiropractic, Massage and Physiotherapy Clinics
Personal Services
Food and Licensed Establishments
Community Celebrations
Community Recreation
Pools, Indoor Fitness Centres and Outdoor Recreation Areas
Recreation Programs and Day Camps
Non-Resident Economic Activities
Dental Care
Sports and Recreation
Spring Community Events