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Nunavut’s Path: Living with COVID-19

Where are we now

Nunavut’s Path was designed to allow us to address the challenges of the pandemic with a thoughtful and cautious approach. At this time, the Government of Nunavut, in consultation with Nunavut’s Chief Public Health officer, has determined that Nunavut can manage COVID-19 without the need of the powers offered under a Public Health Emergency.

Since all eligible age groups had the opportunity to get vaccinated against COVID-19, the CPHO will be looking at a gradual change starting with the development and application of new baseline measures and ending with the lift of the Public Health Emergency.

Currently, 90 percent of Nunavummiut have access to a safe and effective vaccine that offers proven protection from COVID-19 and variants such as Omicron.

The availability of self-testing options in the territory and two years worth of education on how Nunavummiut can protect themselves from COVID-19 has added additional tools to reduce the risks.

These factors combined provide Nunavummiut with the ability to manage the risk of COVID-19 without the intervention of the Government of Nunavut beyond the offering of standard health care services. Moving forward, Nunavummiut taking personal precautions to reduce the risk for respiratory diseases will play a larger factor in the management of COVID-19.


Beginning De‑escalation March 14, 2022
Nunavut made its first steps toward de-escalation by easing restrictions effective March 14, 2022, in most communities and lifting the out-of-territory isolation requirements for all travellers who are not COVID-19 positive. Under federal guidelines, travellers who test positive for the virus will be required to isolate at their own cost.

News Release - Public health measure to ease across Nunavut

Starting March 28, 2022

Further easing of measures across Nunavut to their least restrictive level

News Release - Public Health Restrictions eased across Nunavut

Target Date: April 11, 2022

Declare the public health emergency over and lift remaining measures


Nunavut's Path: Living with COVID-19 (Updated March 25, 2022)


Current Public Health Measures




Failure to comply with a public health order may be considered a breach under the Public Health Act and may result in penalties under the Act, which may include: a $575 fine for individuals; and a $2875 fine for corporations.