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Nunavut's Path

Nunavut’s Path: Living with COVID-19


As of January 17


Measures Nunavut-Wide

Current Public Health Measures



1. Order Extending State of Public Health Emergency

2. Communicable Disease Order (#12)

3. Order Social Distancing and Gatherings (#23)

4. Mandatory Self-Isolation Order (#8)

5. Order to Airlines (#19)

6. Travel Restriction Order (#24)


7. Regional Hub Travel Restrictions Revocation Order (#1)

8. Order Requisitioning School Facilities for use in Pandemic Response

9. Order Respecting A Hearing Pursuant To The Veterinary Profession Act, January 17-21, 2022


Failure to comply with a public health order may be considered a breach under the Public Health Act and may result in penalties under the Act, which may include: a $575 fine for individuals; and a $2875 fine for corporations.


Decisive in our approach, cautious in our choices.

When we travel on the land, our path forward is never a straight line. Even when the route ahead looks clear, conditions can quickly change. Because of this uncertainty, we know when to pause, when to re-assess, and even when to turn back. The goal has always been to reach the destination safely, not quickly.

Nunavut’s Path reflects these same principles. Throughout 2020 and 2021, the Government of Nunavut (GN) acted to respond to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, we have navigated uncharted terrain, mapping our way as new evidence quickly emerged. Nunavut’s Path was designed to allow us to work through the pandemic with a thoughtful and cautious approach.

Today, we know a lot more about COVID-19 than we did at the beginning. While the road ahead still has a level of uncertainty, we have a greater understanding of the virus and better tools to protect ourselves.

Nunavut’s Path: Living with COVID-19 highlights the GN’s approach and criteria for future public health measures based on knowledge of the virus, our tools to combat COVID-19 and the latest public health evidence. Our continued commitment to public health measures and vaccine uptake will be the keys to bring us out of the pandemic.

As always on Nunavut’s Path, we will be decisive in our approach, but cautious in our choices. We will gradually work to reducing and eventually eliminate public health measures and the public health emergency. We will move forward and navigate the same way we always have – together.

Nunavut's Path: Living with COVID-19
Nunavut's Path: Guidelines