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Nunavut's Path

Nunavut’s Path: moving forward during COVID-19


Decisive in our approach, cautious in our choices.

When we travel on the land, our path forward is never a straight line. There are trails to find, and obstacles to overcome. Even when the route ahead looks clear, conditions can change at a moment’s notice. Because of this uncertainty, Nunavummiut know when to pause, when to re-assess, and even when to turn back. The goal is to reach the destination safely, not quickly.

Nunavut’s Path reflects these same principles. We’ve all made a lot of sacrifices throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but thanks to our combined efforts, we can finally take steps to ease public health measures and start to return to some of the activities we enjoy. But we need to be careful, and we need to make sure that all these sacrifices are not wasted. That is why easing public health measures needs to be flexible and adaptive. We need to know when to pause, when to re-assess, and when to go back.

Nunavut is unique. Our distinctiveness has helped protect us against the threat of COVID-19, and now it helps shape our way forward. We are will be guided by evolving situations in the jurisdictions around us, and because of that, our tight border restrictions must remain.

Nunavut’s Chief Public Health Officer will make decisions on what public health measures may be lifted or changed. We are moving forward, and though the path ahead may not always be clear, Nunavummiut will navigate the same way we always have- together. 


Nunavut’s Path: moving forward during COVID-19
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As of April 7

Measures for Arviat
Measures for Baffin, Kitikmeot, Chesterfield Inlet, Baker Lake, Coral Harbour, Naujaat, Rankin Inlet, Whale Cove