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Legislation and Policy

Acts administered by Health

 1. Boards of Management Dissolution Act
 2. Change of Name Act (with Justice)
 3. Dental Auxiliaries Act
 4. Dental Mechanics Act
 5. Dental Profession Act
 6. Disease Registries Act
 7. Donation of Food Act
 8. Emergency Medical Aid Act
 9. Hospital Insurance and Health and Social Services Administration Act
10. Human Tissue Act
11. Licensed Practical Nurses Act
12. Marriage Act (with Justice)
13. Medical Care Act
14. Medical Profession Act
15. Mental Health Act
16. Midwifery Profession Act
17. Nursing Act

Nursing Act - What We Heard Report (IU) (IKT) (FR

18. Ophthalmic Medical Assistants Act
19. Optometry Act
20. Pharmacy Act
21. Psychologists Act
22. Public Health Act
23. Tobacco Control Act
24. Veterinary Profession Act
25. Vital Statistics Act

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Department of Health Policies

26. Extended Health Benefits (EHB) 2016
27. Grants and Contributions Policy
28. Medical Travel Policy:
          Section 6.1 Medical Travel Clients (agreement form)
          Section 6.2 Medical Travel Escorts/Infants (agreement form)
          Section 6.3 Appeals (Request form)