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Health Strategies

Maternal and Newborn Health Care Strategy 2009 – 2014

Nunavut Suicide Prevention Strategy

Nunavut Suicide Prevention Strategy Action Plan  2011 - 2014

Inuusivut Anninaqtuq Action Plan 2017 - 2022

Nutrition in Nunavut: A Framework for Action

Nunavut Sexual Health Framework for Action

Tobacco Reduction Framework for Action

Nunavut Food Security Strategy and Action Plan

Roadmap to Strengthen the Nunavut Nursing Workforce



Public Health Strategy

The main goal of the Nunavut Public Health Strategy is to improve the health status of all Nunavummiut. The purpose of public health is to promote and protect health and prevent disease and injury.

The Department of Health understands that improving the health and well-being of Nunavummiut is a difficult process which will take time and involvement from the entire community.

The Public Health Strategy guides communities to build a strong public health system so that Nunavut is best able to promote and protect health, and prevent disease and injury.

Department of Health provides funding, skilled staff, support, and ongoing consultation to help communities improve the health of their people, the communities themselves, and Nunavut.


Developing Healthy Communities

Developing Healthy Communities: A Public Health Strategy for Nunavut allows Nunavut’s communities to decide their own health needs and design public health programs and services to address those needs.

Implementing the Public Health Strategy will help create an environment that allows Nunavummiut to lead healthy lives.

Click here to read Developing Healthy Communities: A Public Health Strategy for Nunavut.


The Public Health Strategy in Communities

The Public Health Strategy relies on action at a community level and it is important to make sure that communities have the resources and training to be able to carry out these actions.

Community Health Committees know the needs of their communities and are essential to helping make health and wellness programs and initiatives successful.

Department of Health is committed to working with Community Health Committees to identify and further expand their roles within each community, with a focus on prevention and health promotion.

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