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Chief Public Health Officer Orders

Orders from the Chief Public Health Officer of Nunavut


1. Order Extending State of Public Health Emergency

2. Order Respecting Nunavut Impact Review Board Public Hearings Pond Inlet and Iqaluit

3. Travel Restriction Order     

4. Order to Airlines

5. Mandatory Self-Isolation Order

6. Mandatory Isolation Agreement

7. Order Designating The Honourary Toonik and Others as Exempt Critical Workers 

8. Order Designating the Easter Bunny and Others as Exempt Critical Workers

9. COVID-19 Mandatory Isolation for Nunavut Residents Returning from Outside of Nunavut

10. Sanikiluaq Community Travel Restriction Revocation Order

11. Order Social Distancing and Gatherings

12. Communicable Disease Order

13. Order designating Santa Claus an exempted worker

14. Kivalliq Region Travel Restriction Revocation Order

15. Kivalliq Region Gatherings Restriction Revocation Order

16. Kivalliq Region Communicable Disease Order (#1)

17. Order Respecting Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated Public Meeting Baker Lake


18. Community Travel Restriction Revocation Order (#2) - Arviat

19. Communicable Disease Order - Arviat

20. Community Gatherings Restriction Order - Arviat

Whale Cove

21. Community Travel Restriction Revocation Order - Whale Cove

22. Communicable Disease Order -  Whale Cove

23. Community Gatherings Restriction Order - Whale Cove

24. Community Restrictions Revocation Order - Whale Cove

Rankin Inlet

25. Community Restriction Revocation Order - Rankin Inlet

26. Order Respecting Nunavut Impact Review Board Public Hearing Rankin Inlet


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