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    Greenland Agreements between the Government of Nuanvut and the Greenland Government.


    Agreement coming soon!

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    Click here to find out more information about copyright laws in schools. The...

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    Included in this document are grade-specific lists of teaching resources that are approved for use in Nunavut by the Department of Education. It is mandatory that teachers use the approved...

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    "Ilitaqsiniq-Nunavut Literacy Council was founded in 1999, branching off from the NWT Literacy Council when Nunavut was established as a separate territory. Ilitaqsiniq promotes and supports the...

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    Department of Family Services contacts.

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    In this manual you will find information to help you successfully fulfill your role as foster parents. We trust it will serve the best interests of the foster child, and those of the foster family...

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    "Whereas it is desirable to encourage and strengthen the role of the family"

  • Resource Materials
  • Resource Materials
  • Resource Materials