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Removal of bottle deposits at the NULC

24 June 2021

Public Service Announcement

Removal of bottle deposits at the NULC

As of April 1, 2021, the Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission (NULC) removed bottle deposits on all products, apart from aluminum cans.

If you have glass and/or plastic bottles and would like to receive a refund on your deposit, you can still return them to The Southeast Nunavut Company Ltd., located on 1324 Ulu Lane in Iqaluit. The final day that bottles will be accepted for deposit refunds is July 31, 2021.

The NULC will continue to apply recycling deposits on aluminum cans. For more information, please call 1-855-844-5488.


Media Contact:

Weichien Chan
Manager, Communications
Department of Finance