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November 22 Government of Nunavut vendors payments update

22 November 2019

November 22 Government of Nunavut vendors payments update 

The Government of Nunavut (GN) is continuing to work to ensure our vendors experience minimal delays in payments. Our financial system is now operational, and we continue to process payments. 

Vendors should continue to submit their invoices for processing. To submit invoices please contact the appropriate department to determine whether invoices can be accepted by email or need to be delivered in person. 

Invoices sent by email in the days leading up to the GN’s network outage of November 2 are currently not accessible. Vendors may wish to follow up with individual departments to confirm receipt of invoices. 

For invoices that were delivered by email from November 1 to November 17, these invoices will need to be resubmitted to the appropriate department. 

For vendors on automatic deposit, payment of invoices will still be deposited to your account with an indication that funds are from the GN. However, vendors will not be receiving the usual automatic email deposit notification that indicates what the payment is for. 

For information with respect to deposits that have already been received by your organization please contact the Department of Finance at one of the following numbers: 

867-975-5820 (Education and Human Resources). 
867-975-6884 (Economic Development and Transportation and Justice). 
867-975-5854 (Finance and Health). 
867-975-6891 (Community & Government Services, Culture & Heritage and Environment). 
867-975-6867 (Family Services, Legislative Assembly and Executive & Intergovernmental Affairs). 
867-975-6877 (all other inquires including those related to multiple departments). 

This process is a temporary measure that will remain in place until further notice.