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Buying alcohol in Nunavut

12 March 2019

Public Service Announcement

Buying alcohol in Nunavut

Did you know that there are different rules on having and drinking alcohol depending on if the community you are in is prohibited, restricted or unrestricted?

Here are the three basic rules for buying and bringing alcohol into Nunavut:

1. It is illegal to import, purchase or consume any amount of alcohol in communities designated as prohibited.
2. You must get permission from the local Alcohol Education Committee before bringing alcohol into any restricted community.
3. Only the general rules about importing, buying and consuming alcohol from the Liquor Act apply in an unrestricted community.

Whether you live in or travel to an unrestricted or restricted community, you need a liquor permit to bring more than three litres of spirits, nine litres of wine, or 26 litres of beer with you when you travel into Nunavut. Liquor permits are always required when you place a liquor order outside the territory.

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