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Baker Lake becomes unrestricted community

15 February 2018 

Public Service Announcement

Baker Lake becomes unrestricted community

Baker Lake is now an unrestricted community, meaning only the general rules about importing, buying and consuming alcohol from the Liquor Act apply.

Residents can buy alcohol within Nunavut by ordering from the Nunavut Liquor Commission warehouse without an import permit. To import alcohol from outside Nunavut, an import permit is needed.

You can place an order or get an import permit through the Rankin Inlet liquor warehouse by phone at 867-645-8475, by fax at 867-645-3327 or by email at

If you have any questions, please call 867-645-8475 or email


Media Contact:

Denise Grandmaison
Manager, Communications
Department of Finance
(867) 975-6818