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Special Occasion Permits

In accordance with section 15 (4) of the Liquor Act and part VIII of the Liquor Regulations, any person or organization wishing to administer the sale or consumption of liquor at a social function must apply for a special occasion permit.

Full application forms for special occasion permits can be found here:

Form 14

Statement of Account

Liquor Order Form

Application guide

Types of Special Occasion Permits


An ordinary special occasion permit authorizes consumption of liquor subject to the place, time and conditions set out in the permit.

An ordinary permit is required if there will be no resale of alcohol at the function.


A resale special occasion permit authorizes the sale and consumption of liquor, subject to the place, time and conditions of the permit.

A resale permit is required if there will be any sale of liquor at the function.

When liquor is sold, the permit holder must submit to the Board a statement of account within the first 30 days following the function. The statement of account should show disposal of revenue, and should be submitted using the form found within the application form.

Special approval from the Board is required for an organization to be issued more than one resale permit per week.

Licensed clubs and private recreational facilities must obtain a resale permit when they open their facilities to the public (non-members).

Special Occasion Permit Conditions

The conditions under which special occasion permits will be issued are set out in Part VIII of the Liquor Regulations. Applicants are expected to review this section of the regulations thoroughly before submitting an application.

A summary of information required to get a special occasion permit can be found attached to the application form.


The fees associated with a special occasion permit are set out in Schedule B of the Liquor Regulations, and range from $50-$150.


To allow time for processing, applications for special occasion permits should be made as soon as all the required information is available. The NLCB does not guarantee processing of applications submitted less than 14 days before the date of the event.

Purchasing Liquor

The order form found in the special occasion permit application package should be used for purchasing liquor for a permitted special occasion.