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Annual Reports

As per section 96 of the Financial Administration Act, the Nunavut Liquor Licensing Board is responsible for preparing and submitting an annual report for each fiscal year.

NLCB Annual Report 2020-21
NLCB Annual Report 2019-20
NLCB Annual Report 2018-19
NLLB Annual Report 2017-18
NLLB Annual Report 2016-17
NLLB Annual Report 2015-16
NLLB Annual Report 2014-15
NLLB Annual Report 2013-14
NLLB Annual Report 2012-13
NLLB Annual Report 2011-12


At each meeting, the Board adopts certain resolutions in accordance with their powers as outlined in the Liquor Act.

Summary of 2018 resolutions
Summary of 2017 resolutions
Summary of 2016 resolutions

Board Meeting Minutes

Nunavut Liquor Licensing Board meeting minutes can be made available to the public, upon request. To request a copy of minutes from a board meeting, please email