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Turaaqtavut is the vision of all 22 members of Nunavut’s 5th Legislative Assembly. It is the document that will guide the Government of Nunavut’s work until 2021, and one that reflects the needs and priorities of our territory.

Departmental Priorities by Branch

As part of our work to advance Turaaqtavut, and in addition to the many day-to-day roles we play, the Department of Finance has identified the goals below to work towards in 2020-21 through our departmental business plan. You can download the GN’s full 2020-21 Business Plan here.


Summary of Departmental Business Priorities
Department of Finance


Corporate Management

  • Review the GN’s approach to cannabis legalization to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Begin to review the Liquor Act, with consideration given to lessons learned from the Iqaluit beer and wine store pilot project and the implementation of the Cannabis Act.
  • Complete the review of the Iqaluit beer and wine store pilot project.
  • Develop and implement an internal progress tracking and reporting regime for the Department of Finance.
  • Explore electronic payment options for selling liquor permits online.
  • Continue to work collaboratively with the Department of Human Resources and the Nunavut Housing Corporation to ensure implementation of enhancements to the staff housing program and other housing related employee benefits.


Fiscal Management

  • Ensure planning processes are amended and communicated for election year budget development.
  • Review the Government of Nunavut’s main revenue and spending trends, including the modeling of various revenue sustainability options.
  • Work with GN departments to ensure budgets better align with actual departmental expenses.
  • Develop a service level agreement between the GN and the Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission to formalize costs and delivery of shared services.
  • Complete and implement the Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission’s plan to modify recycling activities in Nunavut.



  • Finalize and implement financial training program for GN staff.
  • Complete external assessment of Internal Audit Services and implement any necessary changes.
  • Internal Audit Services will develop an improved recruitment and retention strategy with assistance from the Department of Human Resources to increase Inuit employment and to hire qualified staff.
  • Develop a plan to recruit Chartered Professional Accounting students and enhance student experience within the GN.
  • Develop a program to support professional development and professional designation in the field of accounting for both new and existing employees.
  • Develop a “Public Accounts at a Glance” document to improve transparency and public access and understanding of the GN’s finances.